We all know that spinnerbaits, chatter baits and jigs are essential tools in every anglers tackle box. But, these flashy metal clad rigs are often only made complete with the perfect trailer to accompany them. The trailer bait is the focus point for every bite and aims to lead the fish straight to your hook, this is why it's important to run the best!

The Perch Palm range of exclusive trailer baits has been developed in order to give our customers the option of running their favourite Perch Palm tails on their blade and jig rigs without all the bells and whistles of our fully customised baits.

The Finesse Grub 150 is the perfect match for medium sized spinnerbaits aimed at Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin and Aussie Bass. The tantalising shimmy of our finesse tail provides the perfect focus point for fish to hone in on and inhale.

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