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"Reuse, recycle, remelt!" We hate waste and that's why we always keep our plastic trimmings, leftovers and old chewed up baits for future use.

We're now offering a slightly cheaper and more environmentally conscious range of Perch Palm baits for you to purchase. Made from remelted and recycled plastic that otherwise would end up in land fill.

There's no flashy hand dyed models in this lot. We just match the trimmed colours up as best we can and add a bit of extra glitter or colourant to spice it up a touch.

Help us, help your wallet and help the environment by purchasing our REMELTS!

Remelted baits will be available sporadically and in limited supply.

We're also working on another project for recycling old baits! Stay tuned for more details in 2022.

If you are a customer from Melbourne and you wish to pick up your item, use discount code "LOCALPICKUP" to remove the shipping cost from your order when you are proceeding through the checkout.