$10.50 - $13.50

Introducing the T BOMB Tungsten Jighead from Perch Palm Plastics. Featuring razor sharp chemically sharpened hooks, coated gloss black head finish, these heads are the perfect match for the Perch Palm Swimbaits giving the baits endless roll.

Tungsten sinks fast and is much smaller for its size than lead. It's also better for the environment and fishes beautifully, adding extra sensitivity to your rig. Give it a try!

The perfect jig for Perch Palm Plastics swimbaits.

1/8 oz #1 and 3/16oz #1 suits 60mm Deluxe Edition Swimbait.

3/16 oz to 3/8 oz #2/0 and above suits 90mm Deluxe Edition Swimbait and above.

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